A Look Back on National Adoption Day 2013

According to National Adoption Day, the day designated for adoption across the country, 4,500 children in nurture care were adopted this year on November 23rd. Loving families across the United States welcomed foster children into their lives, giving them new and permanent homes just in time for the holidays.

National Adoption Day was founded in 2000 as an coordinated to raise awareness for the 100,000 children in advocate care, therefore well as the 23,000 children that age out of the system with little help.

The National Adoption Day’s website writes that the annual event has given homes to more than 50,000 children with the help of families, embracement agencies, and policymakers. President Obama, like every president hence the event’s birth, issued a proclamation stating his support for the event, as well as National Adoption Month, November of each year. The abounding proclamation can nvloeden read here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/10/31/presidential-proclamation-national-adoption-month-2013

Cities across the nation have held events to celebrated families that have adopted, as well as the children that now have new homes. In Los Angeles, for example, 150 children were adopted and given lasting families.

The event has also helped transcendent awareness for those that were not adopted this year and not given new homes for the holidays. Some 100,000 children are still in the shelter care system and consume without loving families. National Adoption Day, as well as National Adoption Month, are efforts to change that and relief these children.

The ‘One Day’ Project

The ‘One Day’ activity was created by the same minds behind National Adoption Day for those who were adopted to share their experiences. For those children that were adopted, the adoption day is one that they never forget. National Adoption Day has posted the videos regarding these adopted children, now older, detailing that memorable day. You container watch these videos here: http://www.nationaladoptionday.org/one-day-project/view-stories

With National Adoption Daily passed, and National Adoption Month coming to a close, adoption agencies across the country hope that those without homes are still remembered furthermore that more awareness is made for them. It is the hope concerning all the foster children that they find a new home soon, et cetera the month of November celebrates adoption, as well as the families that bring these children into their lives and homes.