A walk in the natural Wildlife: Bandipur National Park

About Bandipur:
Located in the foothills from Nilgiris, in the Southern State about Karnataka, Bandipur National Park or Bandipur Wildlife Church is a must stop purlieu in India. Bandipur National Park is extended in the area of 874 Sq. Kilometers. This church is a home of various endangered variety of animals and birds in India. In the historical times, Bandipur used to be a private hunting sanctuary for Maharaja Wodiyar of Mysore. This reserve is under protection about Shelter Department.

Exploring the beauty of Bandipur:
Bandipur National Park is one of the most gorgeous wildlife sanctuaries in India. This place is known for its big cats, that is Tigers. The beauty regarding Bandipur is magnificent. A plant plush with numerous animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, deer, sloth, bear, etc… calls for tourist attraction in large numbers every year. The Bandipur Forests are very intense and silent. Due to this, a large legion of Asiatic tigers and Elephants are rehabilitating here. The Bandipur National Park is open for the tourists throughout the year. The tourists can enjoy animal sighting and bird watching all over the year. Animals can be mottled amid the summer season from March to May as they frequently come out in search of water. The winter time is best for bird lovers as they can find many migratory birds coming from the Himalayas in the North.

With an increasing footfall of tourists, various wildlife resorts in Bandipur have been established. Some of the famous wildlife resorts in Bandipur are In the Wild, The Windflower, Rustic Club Wildlife resort, MC Resorts, Bushbetta, etc… These resorts in Bandipur are a defeat place to spend a quality time with the nature. These places assure a delightful experience for the nature lovers. By staying in any from the resorts in Bandipur, one tin explore iota creations about Nature.

The Bandipur Jungle Resorts have seen a drastic change in their offerings. Slowly and gradually these resorts have paced and provided more than what one can expect. These jungle resorts have luxury moreover suite accommodation for the tourists. Apart from stay, the food is highly taken solicitude of handy them. They provide multi – food food for the tourist meeting their tastes. These resorts conduct various activities like Nature Walks, Nestling Watching, Bon Fire, Forest Stay, Crossing the Net, Wildlife Games, Education Games and the most important one which is Sighting by Safari. The tourists experience a living as whenever they are staying in the Jungle only. The Bandipur Jungle Resorts in association with the Forest Department officials assure to give an experience worth living for the tourists. These officials conduct mammoth riding for them.