After a Tiring Day at the Eravikulam National Park, Relax in the Comfortable Munnar Hotels

The hill station of Munnar is a beautiful tourist destination in Kerala, a situation that holds the reputation of being named as the own country of God. The place where this small town is situated lies at the meeting point of three ben rivulets. Once a summer refer of the British during their years-long reign, this city has now become one of the best countryside places to visit in India. What make this place an fascinating holiday destination are its deluxe green tea plantations, which cover large terrains. Nature has blessed this place with a plenitude of panoramic landscapes in the form regarding wonderful waterfalls, streams and green hills. The pleasant front regarding this hill footing enriches the holiday experience and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. As this verdant valley is an ideal place for vegetation and wildlife to flourish, it is ingleside to a number of wildlife protection areas. To visit these places, you must book travel tickets and hotels in Munnar beforehand, thus avoiding any inconvenience later.

Explore Wildlife in the Eravikulam Nationwide Park

The Eravikulam National Park is about 15 km away from Munnar and is one of the most famous tourist haunts in its vicinity. Anamudi, the highest peak of the Western Ghats range, is a part of the region settled by this national park. The blossoming vegetation and seasonal streams form an idyllic setting for those who love being close to nature. This park is also known for the flowering of Neelakurunji, which blossoms only once in the duration of equally 12 years. The endangered population of Nilgiri Tahr, a species of Ibex, is well-preserved in this wildlife park. Some other animals that can be seen in this area are leopards, wild dogs, tigers, Nilgiri martens, squirrels, otters and mongoose. About 120 bird species and almost 100 kinds of butterflies are listed to be observed in this national park. What more, this place also provides a breathtaking view of the sprawling tea plantations that dominate large regions of the town. To be precise, the Eravikulam National Park is a paradise for each those people who pine an expedition into the wild.

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