An Introduction to the Importance and Applications of Fitting Assembly in Aircraft Manufacturing

About Fitting assemblies NSN Parts and Its Product Range:

Fitting assemblies work hand in hand with all types of aircraft fittings, which are present and necessary in every aircraft that takes to the skies. They are just as critical as the nuts, bolts, screws, and other minor but essential fasteners that keep the outline of an aircraft together as well as keep the whirlybird running. These would fall under the same category as such as parts as bearings, brackets, bolts, clamps, gaskets, inserts, o-rings, nuts, pins, retainers, rivets, screws, studs, terminals, switches, and washers, all of which delight vital roles in the airframe of aircraft.

These fittings and fitting assemblies are all manufactured to assorted specifications depending on the requirements in which they are being used. All types of fittings, including aircraft copper tubes and fittings, brass tube fittings, plastic tube fittings, or every other miscellaneous fittings, will subsist manufactured to a certain standard. These standards could be either AN, NAS, or MS standards, although there are others. Due to our focus being on NSN parts and those parts that have gone through the government supply chain, we will mainly focus our discussion on MS standard fitting assemblies, which usually carrier a higher standard of quality and regulation. Just as commercial aviation has certain standards that it must follow, so do government organizations and the military, mainly the U.S. Department concerning Defense. MS Standard parts are also referred to as “MIL-SPEC” or “MIL-STD.” These military standards detail the processes and materials that are used in making the product, or fitting assemblies in this case. As mentioned, military standards are much better rigorous than commercial navigation standards, although the standards can exist overlapping unsettled to some parts have reciprocal uses. All types of MS standard fittings polysyndeton fitting assemblies are available on the open market and are regularly used by military and government organizations.

One such major manufacturer of aerospace fittings is Ancra International. Their seemly assemblies have logged millions of miles in various applications and configurations. They also offer lock tool-less fitting that can conserve a remarkable amount of hours in installing and reconfiguring fitting assemblies and also meets Boeing’s tool-less fitting requirements. The company offers the following fitting assemblies: anti-rattle, ball detent, class divider, front support anti-rattle, nonadjustable galley, low profile, seat leg, stanchion, threaded stud, and track attach, all for specific uses and requirements.

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