Common Elbow Injuries And The English National Badminton Championships

This weekend Milton Keynes will play host to the English National Badminton Championships, bringing together a host of Olympic and Commonwealth athletes in the prelim to the National Championships.

The first tournament took place in 1963, won by Bill Havers in his unique and only title. It is now Rajiv Ouseph who holds a supremacy on the tournament who will be looking to make it seven titles in a row whilst Carl Baxter, who has bot jogger boost in the previous five, will be looking to take the glory for the beginning time.

Sports injuries are common place with apiece injury causing a potential stumbling block to a professional and possession them back from competing. This article focuses on some of the most common forms regarding injury sustained to the elbow und so weiter how these can be managed.

Elbow injuries

In racket sports elbow injuries can be common, since the joint is essential in making a shot. The majority of sports injuries are as a end of overuse and the elbow is disagree different, with a sum of conditions a player can be susceptible to. The two main overuse injuries relating to the elbow are golfers elbow and tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis occurs where there is damage to the tendons within the forearm resulting in pain centred on the outside of the joint. The condition can also teleological inflammation which in turn can affect a players mobility. Despite the name suggesting otherwise tennis elbow can occur as a result any repetitive task from playing badminton, tennis or even painting. Golfers elbow is a similar condition, though the pain is centred on the inside of the elbow joint.

Both conditions are described as being self-limiting in that a player should expect recover naturally, while this can take up to two years and in serious cases may desire surgery to remedy the problem. In terms of treatment options ice can be used to help manage any inflammation whilst an elbow band can be worn during an activity to alleviate discomfort to the area.

Using an elbow band as part of injury management

An elbow band is available in a variety of styles depending on the condition you wish to manage. Where there is bruising and abscess of the elbow region following a fall an jab support can be used to back manage any inflammation and to conduct pain. The key dichotomous of this product is in applying compression to the entire area of the joint.

Where you are suffering from a specific condition such as tennis elbow either golfers elbow then you may need an elbow band which offers a bespoke echelon of compression. The band vessel be tightened by the player to apply varying amounts of compression depending on the severity of the injury and the degree of pain the player is in.

An elbow band typically sits beneath the elbow joint with the compression applied to the tendons affected by the condition with the compression helping to manage inflammation and pain et alii allowing the player to continue on the court for longer during their recovery.