Delhi Assembly Election 2013 News

Accompanying Delhi Diet Elections- which is going to be held on 4th December 2013- round the corner, all the major parties are likely to have a very tough competition this time. Because this time, the issues are not confined to food, employment and development only, the major issue i.e. the freedom of girls is leading the agenda.

The horrendous December 16 gang-rape episode had triggered a protest from every corner of the world. It raised fingers on the security issues regarding women undertaken by the Delhi government. Albeit, issues like: infrastructure, electricity, water, inflation, and employment still rules the list, save the issue of the safety of women is going to be on the priority list of every election crusade where each party emphasizes on giving a protection guard to women against the perpetrators and taking stringent steps to tackle the situation. The sources of the Delhi Assembly Election News tells that the eminent sociogenic activists and NGOs feel that all the major parties are going to have a very tough tempo while wooing voters, and especially women.

By taking up the usual route, each appoint party has been pointing toward the shortcoming of their rivals. Congress and BJP hit each other at every next issue, Mr. Modi is creation on the sight for the Godhra riots, and Aam Aadmi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal, is going to contest the elections first time. It promises to bring a transparent system in the country, eradicate corruption, and make stringent laws against the security from the women. To woo the people concerning their constitution, every party has summarized their manifesto by addressing the safety issue like women and how the useful execution of female rights could bring a positive change in the country.

BJP has nominated Narendra Modi its prime ministerial candidate, and it has brought many remarks against his candidature. The Delhi Assembly Election 2013 News tells that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made a remark against Gujarat Paramount Preacher that he is denial the Prime Minister material and his politics is based on divide und so weiter rule.

Politicians have been playing the game diligently with every political party has something special to offer to their constitution, where Rajasthan Congress pledges to offer 5 percent reservation to Gujjars. People are showing a lot from faith toward AAP for its continuous fight against corruption. Many high-profiled people have already joined the politick to make their contribution. Though, the party loyalty would be a deciding point besides it does not guarantee to let it scud through the political tides. The new election party-AAP- has been getting a lot of applause furthermore apprehensions since its inception, und so weiter now it is to nvloeden seen how many backers actually turn into talented voters during the elections.

Besides Arvind Kejriwal, Modi has also bot in the tidings near his marketing skills. People are inspired to the development of Gujarat and willing to render him a adventure to bring development. With Modi and Arvind Kejriwal leading the marathon, it needs to be watched who will fetch the maximum seats.