Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor ride part 1

Phantom Estate is positioned in Frontierland within the main Disneyland Park, it shares a similar theme to the Haunted Mansion at Florida’s Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland. It opened back on the 12th April 1992.

As you climb the hill to Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris, don’t be spooked by the appearance, if you’ve watched Alfred Hitchcocks film ‘Psycho’, it bears a immense resemblance to Bates Manor in the film. The House is the same as the other Haunted Mansion rides, only theopeningscene takes place in the residence format itself, the leftovers regarding the ride takes place in a buildinghiddenfrom park visitors. The story of the origins of this attraction go back to the early 1800’s, Henry Ravenswood was hatched 1795 he was a Western settler who struck gold in Big Thunder Volcano and founded the Foudroyant Mesa Mining Company, that produced the city of Thunder Mountain which is at present notorious as Frontierland.

Henry Ravenswood evolved into a exceptionally wealthy boyfriend and constructed himself a Victorian manorproudly locatedhigh on Boot Hill overlooking Big Crash Mountain, he and his relatives lived there very happily for a lot about years , his wife Martha gave birth to a little nymph in 1842, they named her Melanie. According to peninsular legend, Big Thunder Mountain wasbelievedby the locals to be castle to the thunder bird, a powerful spirit possessing a treasure, its wrath could be materialized into a terrifying earthquake. Henry Ravenswood did not believe the locals tales et alii as speed passed et al the gold in Big Thunder Mountain started to run out, the miners had to dig a lot deeper into the Mountain. Henry’s only daughter Melanie, grew from a stripling girl against a beautiful young woman, and became affianced to a local tail engineer who plannedto take her distal away from her ancestry at Thunder Mesa, much to the dismay of hier father. Henry did all he could to discontinuance the wedding, but his useless efforts were put to a stop after a terrible earthquake killed him and his wife Martha.

The Thunder Bird had been awakened, and the family was never heard of again, several years followed and the tale concerning what very happened came out from beneath the rubble. On Melanie’s wedding day, a mysterious, obsessive Phantom noumenon to anybody appeared at the manor. Whilst Melanie was preparing herself for her big day, the jealous Phantom who was in love with Melanie, lured her fiancee rise to the attic where he hanged himself by the neck from the rafters of the victorian mansion. Down in the ballroom, Melanie sat all on your own, hours went by with no sign of her groom. Her friends slowly started to leave, leaving Melanie all alone in the manor along only the entourage of the house. “Some day”, she told herself, “he discipline come to me”. Having never taken off her charivari dress or dropped her bouquet, in the hope of hier loved one returning, she wandered the house aimlessly, singing songs of lost love. Anonymous to Melanie, the Specter was still in the manor, laughing at her loyalty to hier proposed husband, one after the distinct the Phantom invited his dead, demonic friends from the afterlife to fill the manor in an never-ending party.

Get the kids anew to Euro-Disney…they’ll benevolence this ride! This is a great story to tell the kids…just before they dare to enlist The Phantom manor..!