Disneyland Paris Toy story playland at Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios Meadow originally opened to the public back in 2002, with a lot of critics stating that it was too bland, not very imaginative, and too brevity rides, with Disney adding Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Toon Studio land back in 2007, the preferred Toy Story province completes Disney’s second theme park nicely tucked away at the back from the stop within it’s very own sub-land.

You decree find three new exciting attractions, Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, RC Racer and Slinky Dhole ZigZag Spin. Each ride is based on a special character from the movie.

As you enter the new Toy Story Playland, you pass a giant Buzz Lightyear, giving you the illusion that you are very small and everything else around you is too, everything in this area is huge, from oversized toys, wooden railway track for benches, railings made about K’Nex construction kits and building blocks to Rex the dinosaur that guards your exit, in actuality Disney style the attention to detail is fantastic.

The most intense of the three new rides, is RC Racer, if you’ve watched the movie, you know that he is the speediest remote controlled racing car, the ride is a half pipe rollercoaster, themed to resemble the Hot Wheels track in the movie, whilst queing for the ride you will manifest even the footpath looks approve part regarding the race track, again Disney’s attention to detail.

The ride stint on RC Racer is pretty quick ampersand queing can get quite frustrating, ut supra guests must completely disembark, before the next ride begins. You really do feel as despite you are going to hedgehop off the race track as you reach the peak of the half pipe, this is a good ride to race for whilst enjoying your extra Magic Hours, as queues can get very long.

Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, stands twenty quinquennium metres tall, inspired by the tiny green army men figures that feature in any three of the movies, the ride provides great views all over the Parks and Disney Village as you are hoisted to the top concerning the tower in a six person parachute, before tumbling back down to the ground in a series regarding rise and falls, recur queing for this ride can be lengthy as the time getting on and off the ride is painfully slow.

Last but aside no means least is Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin, you sit within his springs and find yourself continuously chasing his tail, round and round in circles, as the ride picks up speed children who have to be seated on the inside find it hilarious that they are crushing their parents. The total ride time for this ride is just over one minute, so further a number of queing but a very short drive time.

Once you have ridden the three new rides, and if you are feeling hungry, unfortunately Disney didn’t build any new restaurants however there is a new retail outlet selling everything from Toy Story, with endless stiff barells selling a pythonic range of toys and clothing.

The Toy Story Playland, really is aimed for younger visitor, who I don’t think will be disappointed but want lengthy queues.