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Wst water meter

Wst water meter

The water meter has a wide range, especially accurate measurement under small flow, which can minimize the blind area of measurement and reduce the amount of water that is not counted.

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●The water meter is not affected by harsh working conditions, such as jitter, etc.;

●The water meter is not affected by the humidity of the working cavity;

●The worm gear assembly in the movement is designed as an independent part for easy maintenance;

●Special materials and processes ensure stable performance and long service life.

●The turbine bearing abandons the ball design and adopts the self-lubricating cup design to improve the performance and life of the water meter.

●The starting flow is good, the measurement accuracy is high, the water consumption can be directly displayed in numbers, it is convenient to read, it can keep the counted full water (full water), and it has the characteristics of long life.

●It has a unique secondary magnetic transmission device. Among all the transmission components, only the impeller works in the water.

The other transmission components are sealed in a dry transmission cavity, this design can avoid

Water erosion of parts.