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Emergency repair

The Huade Emergency Repair Center was established in 2007. After 14 years of hard work and hard work, it has developed into a large-scale emergency rescue team in Qingdao. It has rich experience in repairing water supply pipelines. The repair center has 19 repair team members and 4 management personnel. People, with special emergency repair large and small excavators, cranes, emergency repair vehicles, underwater welding technology and large-scale emergency repair special drainage equipment, can undertake various large and medium-sized pipeline burst repairs and pipeline construction work.

The Huade Emergency Repair Center has successively experienced the emergency repair of the DN700 pipe burst in front of the Heci Hospital on the 1st Renmin Road on October 3, 2018, the emergency repair of the DN1000 pipeline burst at the intersection of Jiangdu Road, Yanji Road on July 7, 2017, and the guarantee of the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit , On December 8, 2018, emergency repair of DN1200 water supply pipeline under the bridge of Xianshan West Road, Chongqing North Road, emergency repair of DN700 water supply pipeline explosion of Xinglong 1st Road on September 28, 2019, and emergency repair of DN1000 pipe explosion under Jinshui Road Bridge of Siliu Middle Road on August 3, 2020 , On September 11, 2020, Changsha Road DN800 water supply pipeline burst for emergency repairs, and on December 23, 2020, Jinsha Road Dasha Road DN800 water supply pipeline burst for emergency repairs and other large-scale emergency repairs.

Huade Repair Center hopes to build a repair construction team with strong repair technology, rich experience and first-class service in the water supply industry through its continuous efforts. The Huade Emergency Repair Center relies on scientific and technological progress, strengthened management, and insists on taking the road of quality and business. Over the years, he has won various honorable titles for emergency rescue and support work in the city. "Management creates value, service enhances advantages, quality first, service best" is the development concept of the emergency repair center. Unity, innovation, pragmatism, and forge ahead are unswerving pursuits.

Huade Company cherishes every honor, adheres to the business tenet of "Quality First, Customer First, Prosperity by Quality, Winning by Excellence", and constantly contributes water supply emergency repair service to the society, complements the advantages of all sectors of the society, and creates brilliance together!

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