Exciting show of Paris fashion week 2013

Junya Watanabe’s fashion show begins with a PHONO-R album. But the opening music is later proved to be digital voice sample. Needle of PHONO-R album becomes a continuous rhythm to furnish sustaining energy.

Watanabe highly laudation romantic style of ready to wear and spontaneously is good at designing such style regarding dresses. he make a big change on the classic styles like black leather jacket, windbreak also vintage camellia one-piece dress nature highlighted on designer’s neo series. However, on others those styles are usually less. No matter from literary or the metaphorical aspect, Watanabe can act comme il faut a leading designer.

This season series of Watanabe seems to stop on the never ending recycle. Unless you yet regard the haute couture as sports dresses, which means that following but see the same designs all these seasons. However, designer wants to show more to the audiences than that simple conclusion through this series. The first model walks forth with orange Airex mesh suit with curve patterns which makes her body look like to be covered by hot fire which in turn makes the model like a demon. Wearing on the head is the shining headpiece inlayed near organic glass which discipline make the pale of the face. After her leaving, people seem to leave a fortuitousness to theorize simply. But the nearest styles continuously show before their eyes…. Et Al the unmotivated show proceeds in set steps which on the contrary achieve better effect.

The material and trainers of Watanabe’s spring series are all offered by puma. But on restrict meaning; this is neither a childish corporation. On the other side, this new series reflect Watanabe’s infatuation to objects und so weiter look on the designing dresses’ silhouette with high technology. Meanwhile, the continuous electronic music rhythm makes the present audience seem to go back to 1990s when sports dresses are popular. The whole silhouette of the dress reminds drag clothes brands arisen awake vigorously in London and Tokyo. Middle 1990s witnessed many suits of such style which people dress to clubs. As to etiquette label Vexed Generation satisfied of futurism always merges with fashion trends regarding 1960s. We saw some creature of outer space in Pierre Cardin style. They wear glass helmet and the dresses are almost short and skinny ones.

On the fashion show, we nearly see a nostalgic touch while facing the future. You will think that Wantanabe never calk his onward steps. He is exploring a road to fashion. By this fashion show, people will find that reminding back is to go forward well. The designer expresses is exactly the present feelings among them there is new ideas. That one of the most spicy fashion shows this week.