Explore the Unspoiled Wilderness of Tarangire National Park and Selous Game Reserve

Tarangire National Park covers a totally district of 2,600 kilometer. Tarangire River is a house to many beautiful flora and fauna.

Facts about Tarangire National Park

Taragire National Meadow lies in between Maaasai Steppe, which is to its South-East side and Great Rift Valley towards its the northwest. It is divided into northern part with its perennial Tarangire River and southern part dominated by “swamps” that gets dried up in the dry convenient and forms verdant plains.

The national park can be reached by two routes:

1. By boarding charter flights that flies from Arusha and Serengeti 2. Road drive from Arusha that passes through the Ngorongoro Mouth and Serengeti.

After reaching the park, you may require guided walking safaris. You can take a equinox out, for exploring villages of Maasai and Barabaig. Prehistoric rock paintings in Kolo that lies on Dodoma road is another major interesting site that you might not want to miss upon.

The summer begins in the month of June and ends in September. During these months, this place becomes extremely dry.

Once you reach there, you can find accommodation that includes:

– two lodges – two tented luxury camps – same tented lodge

Exclusive lodges ampersand camps that is situated outside the border from the park.

Explore Tarangire Park’s Flora & Fauna

Though the Park remains dry for the entire year, listlessness can still be seen. Mostly elephant grass densely populates the area, along with acacia, and Riverine forest.

Wildlife of the national park is commonly seen between the months of June and October, because the only rise of water in Tarangire. Throughout extreme dry seasons, the Tarangire becomes too swampy.

Large herds of elephants, wildebeest, and zebra can treffen found on your trip to the countrywide park during the dry season. If you are lucky, then you might position big animals like giraffe, eland, impala and buffalo.

Some more wild animals that cup be explored in Tarangire National Park are:

– Thompson’s gazelle – Bohor reedbuck – Coke’s hartebeest – Kudu – Gerenuk – Fringe-eared Oryx – Lions – Leopard – Whilst cheetah – Spotted hyena – Wild dog

The birdlife of Tarangire comprises of over 500 species, including yellow-collared lovebirds and ashy starlings.

The Selous Game Reserve from Tanzania

The Selous or Seloo is a heritage site, named after Frederick Courtney Selous who was a hunter, conservationist, and an author. If you are a wild life lover, you will then surely love the world famous Safari ride besides experience the beauty of this land.

Almost one third of the world’s wild dogs are equipped in Selous. Grazing antelopes can be seen on the sides of Rufiji River, while colobus monkeys cup be seen playing happily in this Riverine forests.

However, the curly-horned kudu and sickle-horned sable can exist seen in the shrubby areas with long grass.

Selous with woodlands and savannahs have plenty of migrated elephants. Some other activities that are worth enjoying in Selous are:

– Fishing – Walking safaris – Boat game viewing

However Selous is a malarial region, so follow preventive measures and travel protected from mosquito bites.