Find to the good-looking and nice Bandung, the Paris of Van Java from Indonesia.

Capital of Bandung is really well-known for many tourist from

regional civitas to foreign

community who traveling to Indonesia. this town located in the hearth of west java as well as

become their capitol town of it. Bandung such as

sightseeing position providing

several install such thus mountains, geological hot spring, metropolitan zoo, beneficial some famed mall moreover shopping area. every consept of this tour benefit from niche spot that give out

greatest view, great and well-liked cooking service plus lots of cheap hotel bureau will generate tour to this country

area city will unforgetable.

The 2 mountain that surrounding Bandung is Grow Tangkuban

Perahu then Mount Patuha. this 2 mountain as tourism location also give an added actifity such as trekking en route for the mountain, or

you be able to swim in normal hot spring that resolve

truly relieving to body and mind. Handful adventures corporation also offered outbond stir to the visitor such as flying

fox, rapling, high bight plus other rope game in order to work out the body. The

lovely place and

outlook plus the fresh of air in the

mountain will present healthiness to body.

When i researching for

several restaurant within this mountain region, several from them as well providing with several

unique consept of having your food. The Kampung

Daun tearoom will serve up the meal in the

middle of rice field, The Peak automat will give out

the western meal from the restaurant building that arranged in the tip of the hill. The Rumah Tahu courage

provide the meal integrated several family’s outbond actions into separate deals. Every of this restaurant duty assembly the

exclusive consept of having lunch and

banquet to attrach many

visitor to come.

Bandung as well has a number of shooping shop to

accomodate needs of tourist. Cihampelas is the

Location to shop any type of jeans

product. Cibaduyut is a place that put up for sale hundreds styles regarding leather-

based footwear and sandals. Pasar Baru is

conventional outlet in the centre about the town that shift a fixed mall providing lots commissary that

promote t shirts, trousers, moslem garments, carpets,

boots and shoes, sandals, bags, carpets furthermore changeable product. numerous branded

shopping center as Ciwalk, Paris van Java, Dago, Trans Studio Shopping

mall additionally has various stores that presented

branded product authentic for shoppers.

The city regarding Bandung has beforehand to accepted traveller from many nation either local that feel like to stay in this city. They are five strar hotels to motels instructions

supply you by accomodation throughout your journey. Every one of the hotels that located

in the city or resort in the mountain part has

hundreds room can be hire as well essentially your

budget preparation. Bandung is ready for

your holiday trip, just note

to our tour operator, and we will prod you to

arrange your public holiday in Bandung town