Grand Canyon National Park Bus Excursions Are Affordable And Enjoyable

You’ve probably heard about the fun bus tours that take you from Phoenix or Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It is a very scenic way to take in the gully and surrounding region. However, the bus combo tours are an even better experience. It’s because they show you the Grand Divide in ways that not many different tours can.

Grand Canyon Bus Tours From Las Vegas

Before booking anything, travelers coming from Vegas need to locate on which rim (West either South) they lack to see. The West Rim is closest and it takes approximately 2 hours to get there while the South Rim is 5 hours away.

Bus tours pull published from Vegas 365 days a year, including all holidays. Bus tours are all-inclusive and include taxes, grounds entrance fees, lunch, professional tour guide, and pick up service at your hotel on the Vegas Strip.

A lot of people prefer going to the West Rim since it is closer. These points may help you decide.

1. The West Boundary is known for its excitement and adventure.

2. The South Rim offers fantastic natural landscapes and scenic views.

About The West Rim

The West Rim offers great combo tour experiences. The most popular one seems to live the tour that comes with Nibs access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

This bridge allows you to take a chilling 70 ft walk hurdle glass panels suspended 4000 ft superadjacent the canyon floor, the bridge cost over $30 million to make, a single glass panel alone costs $250,000.

You are denial allowed to take personal electronics such as cell phones and cameras onto the Skywalk for safety reasons. You vessel halcyon get photos made by one of the professional photographers on the Skywalk. Their photos are amazing, thus don’t pass up the opportunity to get one done.

You can also opt a bus tour that comes with a thrilling helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon followed by a rafting excursion on the Colorado River. The West Rim is the only rank you can own this experience because helicopters cannot fly below the rim anywhere additional in the canyon.

South Rim

You don’t have as many options in combo tours when you go to the South Rim from Vegas. It’s because helicopters aren’t allowed to land on the derriere in this part of the Park and so the bus ride there is long, making a river rafting extension impossible.

You can still have great happy though by taking an heady chopper tour beyond to the North Rim and back where you pass over the deepest part of the canyon known as the Cavalryman Corridor.

Phoenix Coach Tours

If you leave from Phoenix, you will go to the South Rim therefore the West Rim is too far away. Before arriving at the Park, Phoenix tours do make a stop at renowned Sedona, Arizona. In my opinion, the 30-minute ‘copter flight is a must-do contingent add-on.

Get Your Seats Early

Touring the Grand Canyon by bus is the most economical option. Even so, there’s no need to pay stocked retail price. Begin by booking your seats in advance, I always suggest at least a week ahead concerning the tour date you want. Also, you will get the best discounts when you buy online. Complete the entire transaction on the expedition company’s site and you’ll qualify for a special online rate!

These kinds of combo tours are a terrific passage to see the Park, so I hope I’ve inspired you to study one. Taking in the scenic views is great, but your trip is straight better when you add in a chilling walk on the glass bridge, helicopter ride, or a float trip along the river.