Grand Canyon National Park by Helicopter – 5 Ideas for Getting the Perfect Flight

If you’ve never toured the Grand Canyon besides helicopter, you should make this the year to do it. To help you get started in the right direction, I wrote up the top 5 things you need to know.

Tours Depart From Las Vegas

If you begin your tour in Vegas, then you’ll have to head for the West Rim. But what if you want to see the South Rim? The South Rim is too considerably for a chopper but you can go by plane and comprehension there in about an hour.

Also, you should know the West Brink is the solitary place in the National Park where helicopters can fly to the bottom of the canyon and land. Authorities at the South Rim have banned this due to noise regulations. So if you want to take an proclaim tour that includes a entertainment adventure on the canyon floor, you have to go to the West Rim out of Vegas.

You should also endure in mind the choppers only take six passengers besides the pilot. That means if you own more than six people in your group, you will have to split up for the tour. Assuming that’s not plausible, I suggest you book an airplane tour. Airplanes carry 19 people so they are better suited for larger groups.

Window Seats

Most everyone wants to know if they can book a window seat. Actually, the seating in the choppers is determined by the weight of the passengers. In other words, there’s no way to guarantee seating. Still, when you book your tour online, you can choose the option of taking a window seat. It is no guarantee, but if possible, you instructions get the window seat and if not, you will not pay the supernumerary fee.

So that covers four important things you should know about Grand Canyon helicopters. Another good atom of advice is to upgrade to an EcoStar 130 tour. The extra cost is more than worth it. These helicopters offer superior viewing from their large wraparound windows et alii they are very comfortable with their large cabins and stadium air seats.

Here is some advice about booking your tour. These tours are very fashionable so book your seats well in advance. During busy times like holidays, the tours are sold extinguished days ahead about time. Rule of thumb is to get your flight situated at least a week above of time. Once you’ve determined that, purchase your tour on the Internet. The internet is were the preeminence rates are found.

The Weather

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon might nvloeden in the desert, only it gets cold there during the winter months. Bearing this in mind, dress accordingly, which means a heavy jacket, hat, gloves, pants and some shoes you trust. I usually pass the “layers” route, which lets smeersel peel off a sweater or two if I get too hot.

Hopefully these tips answer your questions about Grand Canyon air tours. Many people wonder about the details of these tours too. By learning about what to expect, you tin pick the bad put tour for you. Just remember to book your flight online. Not only will you save wealth but it’s really convenient (and secure!)