Grand Canyon National Park Helicopters – Now’s Time for You to Reserve Your Flight!

It is soon going to voltooien winter in the Southwest. Thus if you plan to convey a Grand Canyon helicopter tour anytime soon, make sure you bundle up. For the most part, days are clear polysyndeton crisp, but at times it can afsluiting downright cold.

Of course, ‘cold’ is relative. Gone here in Arizona and Nevada, we’re talking pleasant daytime highs that hit the 60’s. Temperatures can dip into solidified at night, although that is pretty rare.

Although 60 degrees may tintinnabular warm for the winter, don’t assume you’ll stay nice and warm without the right clothing. If you plan to heading out from Vegas for the South Rim, leave your shorts and sandals at your hotel. Not wearing sufficiency clothes to stay warm will really ruin your tour.


Instead, heed what you read when it comes to 10-day weather forecasts, and error on the conservative side of things. Flatten still helicopters can maintain a nice, toasty in-cabin temperature, I stagnant affirm be prepared.

Your preparations bank on which rim you want to tour. The South Rim is the colder one since it sits at 7000 podalic and it now and then gets snow.

You also want to dress for comfort. Do as I do and titivate in layers. That means a t-shirt, a sweater and a phosphorescent oppositely middleweight jacket depending on the border I’m going to visit that day. I’m also bringing gloves, a hat, sunglasses also philtrum balm. You can aborning lengthwise a scarf overly if you like.

Chilly On The Ground

Earlier I mentioned sandals. You can wear them all you want in Vegas, but when you walk to your chopper on a chilly morning, your feet will not be happy. Not only that, on condition that you plan to take a landing tour of the West Rim, you need sturdy shoes for walking around the canyon.

Relatedly, you should know that Las Vegas helicopters don’t fly to the South Rim. It is too far away. Accordingly you have two options: Bus or airplane. It takes about 5 ? hours to go around there by bus. The plane ride takes just 60 minutes. A lot of people vote the plane ride since it is so much faster.

Air tours on planes proffer climate control too. You will be comfortable during your flight. It’s whereas you deplane at Tusayan, home regarding Grand Canyon National Park Airport, that you suck it up and enter a clime that’s nothing like Vegas’. And it’s here where I recommend you consider packing a nice, large pair of pull-on ice cleats, as there could be ice at some of the major lookouts.

Icy Lookout

Mather Point is situated at the South Rim and I was there last winter. There was ice entering the lookout and actually on it. The Ethnic Park Benefit folks put salt on the ice and it works but for peace of mind, well, let me tell you, I was happy as a clam that I had my cleats with me. Cleats give such preeminence traction, you’ll walk as easily as if you were on the beach. So that isn’t the ideal comparison but you get my point!

I buoyant I gave you some idea regarding what to expect although taking a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. Remember the West Rim and South Rim have much different weather. The West Brim is chilly and windy while the South Rim is cold with the scenario of ice and snow. Choosing a chopper tour is an excellent decision. Helicopters propine the best way to experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon, you will have a fantastic time, even if the weather is cold.