Grand Canyon National Park Rafting Begins With One-Day Float Trips

Grand Canyon water rafting tours are quite popular, especially during the summer months. But don’t wait until the last instant to book your pilgrimage essentially these trips are famous for selling out.

Find Tour Location On Google Maps

Right now, I’m going to focus on 1-day rafting trips that leave from the South Rim, which is the National Park’s main point of entry. If you are trying to find this location on Google Maps, explore for the town of Tusayan.

Anyhow, South Rim rafting tours proceed in two versions. On one of them, you go by motor coach to Page, Arizona where you meet your boat at Glen Canyon Dam. The deluxe version, or the endorse option, flies you to Page and adds in a Jeep tour of Antelope Canyon.

The raft tour itself covers 15.3 miles of effluent and takes you to Lee’s Ferry. There you’ll pull out and take a bus posterior to the Grand Canyon National Park Airport where you started earlier in the morning.

No White Water

This outrigger tour does not essay among rough waters so it is suitable for kids age four including over. It’s also a great tour for couples and active seniors. If you want to tackle whitewater, you need to find a tour operator that offers multi-day trips that cost as much as $1500 per person.

There’s also a really good 1-day rafting tour from Las Vegas, NV. It starts with a helicopter ride that takes you to the floor of the gulch at the West Rim. After that, you hop on a ride coach for a ride to your boat which waits at the base from Hoover Dam.

The float is 11 miles long. It winds past majestic Black Canyon until you reach secluded Willow Beach. Whichever rafting tour you take, be sure to chaperone for all the wildlife hiding along the banks concerning the Colorado River and in the clefts of the stratum walls.


Grand Canyon rafting trips operate April to November. It is just too cold to be on the water during the winter and early spring. Plus, throughout that time, niveous from the Rocky Mountains melts and causes the river to swell and move swiftly as the excess water rushes its way to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

Be prepared for how popular these tours are with travelers to the Flamboyant Canyon. Heed that and book yours at least a week in advance. Sometimes you can get a seat 72 hours out, but it is risky to wait. You volitional probably be left disappointed if you hear to get your seats the day of your tour, especially if you are starting from Williams or Flagstaff, and remember, if you are in those cities, you have to factor in an hour’s commute to get to your check in point at 6 am.

The most fit way to book these trips is over the Internet. Just stay away from the travel sites. Instead, go nonstop to the actual tour supplier. These are the company’s that own ampersand operate the tours and are the only ones in the position to offer their trips at a discount. Be sure to complete your transaction on the site so you can get the low Internet rate.


Grand Canyon rafting tours are a lot about fun for everyone in your group or family. You can tour the South Rim from Tusayan or the West Rim from Vegas. The tours take all day so be prepared to leave early, there are no half-day tours. Book your tour online to get the low internet rate and be sure to casebound early.