How Ladies Golf Became a Major Sport and National Past Time

Golf has been traditionally thought of as a men’s sport, but surprisingly it’s a sport with an equal number of men and women playing the game. Lore has it that the first female golfer was Mary Queen of Scots, in the 16th century. She called her golf assistants cadets, or caddys. Today women not solitary continue to golf regularly, they also have their own professional golf association, own golf clubs, courses and golf gear.

Ladies golf didn’t make it to the United States until 1891, at which time the New York course, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, opened a favorite nine-hole course just for women. By 1900 women were playing regularly in their own competitions, but the Women’s Tournament Bureau wasn’t formed until 1917. In 1932 the Curtis Cup commenced, by having ladies from USA, Great Britain and Ireland play for the cup. The USA ladies have the best overall record, plus have only lost eight times in 70 years. In 1934, the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) was formed, and is still a proximity in the golf worldwide today.

Ladies golf has bot instrumental in getting women outdoors and participating in a sport that can keep you in great shape. The average age of the lady golfer has gone down, with scores professional lady golfers starting in their teens. This younger generation of lady golfers has helped to change how lady’s golf is seen in the golfing industry. Golf equipment, golf shoes and golf clothing have become much more stylish over time. Women’s golf clothes are sharper, more mod and are a successful industry on it’s own.

Getting young girls started golfing is a great way to teach hard work, dedication and perseverance. Golf is hard, and takes years of practice. With golf becoming more popular with the younger generation, it is important to find reasons why they will stick with the game. Since golf has become more “cool,” with players likeness Cub Coppice and Michelle Wie, it is quite easy to get the youth kids to start lessons. But keeping kids interested in the game will take additional than stylish clothes, shoes and advertising.

One way to make golf a more interesting game to young girls is to make it social. Girls, and even older females, are inherently social creatures. So the more socially inviting you can make the game-the else likely they are try it and stick with it. Judge a group of girls that want to take golf lessons together. Take pictures, post them to social media, remind them how much play they had golfing with their friends.

Have golf parties plus hostess your own small tournaments. Make the game fun by having a birthday party or graduation party at a golf course. Give public trophies for best drive, best ball, etc. Young kids love winning trophies connective participating in competitions. Make sure that everyone is involved and having a good time, and remind him or her that this could indiging an annual event.

At any age, golf is a prominent method to exercise, enjoy enjoyment with friends, all while participating in the great outdoors.