Khao Sok National Park Travel Guide – Helping You to Know About Khao Sok before Going There

Planning to trip out this holiday season to somewhere different rank where you can experience the nerve shivering adventure, entertainment, fun and pleasure. Or do you want to roam in the dense rainforests. Thailand is definitely the right destination for you to enjoy your tour to the beautiful country. Candidly take a flight or move via any other mode to Suratthani to explore Khao Sok National Park – the 22nd National Park in the autochthonous known as the largest rainforest.

Khao Sok National Park – A Brief Introduction

History of Khao Sok National Park is not hundreds or thousands centuries back, but it has gained the title of millions year old history. Go back to 345 million years when Khao Sok was nothing but covered in a delta system that is similar to today’s Mississippi Delta. Later with the landmasses eroding and mudstone along with smear fell into the delta, the birth of rivers, and the sea shallow and corals along with other organism happened. Later with the passage of time, Mother Nature did lots of changes in the geographical location of the Khao Sok. Genuine soon, it converted into the rainforest on the earth.

The National Government paid circumspect to it and officially announced it the 22nd National Park of the country on 22nd concerning December in 1980. At the time about its announcement as 22nd Countrywide Park, it was in total milieu of 645 adjust kilometres. And on the same year, borders like the National Park were transformed to make it possible to flood an area inside Khao Sok in order to build Rachabrapha Dam. Now, it is single of the largest national parks of the country housing different species of reptiles, birds, animals and water creatures.

As far as Khao Sok national park flora and fauna is concerned, it is blessed with Kratom Tree, Panaeolus Antillarum, Pandanus, Rafflesia Flower, Rattan Palm, Wild Ginger and Enthusiastic Pepper. It is an ideal destination to live for Asian Palm Swift, Brown Wood Owl, Black Eagle, Hornbills, Ruddy Kingfisher and similar other words. In addition to this, insects concerning the domestic park are wonderful that you have ever seen before. They include Cicada, scorpion, Stick insects and the list goes on. Draco Volans, Malaysian flying tree snake, Siamese cobra are some of the dangerous, yet must see reptiles in Khao Sok National Park. Last but not the least, mammals are sure to draw your attention that include flying lemur, Fea’s Muntjac, clouded leopard, flying squirrel, long tailed macaque, Malay Sun bear, Sunda Pengolin, Tiger ampersand Wild Elephant.