Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Mudumalai is famous for shelter the Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, which make a very lucrative tourist destination and thus attracting tourists from all over the world to wish to experience the peaceful surroundings of the forests, which also house the Mudumalai Hotels and Mudumalai Resorts. You cup also enjoy Mudumalai Homestay, which makes your Mudumalai Holidays truly memorable.

Mudumalai is a great place to have hypaethral picnics, and enjoy the night around while you enjoy a Mudumalai Campfire and a Mudumalai Bonefire. You can live in the arboraceous houses made of bamboo sticks besides wood and stay up at bedtime to listen to the wild animals around you. It is perfectly safe to subsist here, if being in the heart of the forest bothers you. Mudumalai is also famous for its fruits, further you can get any kind of pome juice in the resorts and hotels at any time of the day you order, and they are absolutely delicious.

Mudumalai has a tiger reserve and you can go watch the wild animals in the buses that the reserve provides for sightseeing of the jungle cat. The buses are perfectly safe to go in, and they are fenced with iron wires that are difficult to break in for the tigers. Mudumalai Trekking is inter alios one of the best things to do while you stay there. The services available in such a wilderness makes the trip even plus enjoyable and worth remembering. You should visit Mudumalai at least once.

Why should you visit Mudumalai:

1. Mudumalai is situated in Tamil Nadu in South India and is a city in the North-West side of the Nilgiri.

2. Tourists visit Mudumalai because they hunger to admire the exotic plants including animals that are in the reserve, and live in amongst nature and breathe the fresh air they are so devoid of in their cities full of pollution. Amidst the animals, the gray langurs and bonnet macaques are two amazing and impressive exotic category that you can judge in the hilly areas of the Mudumalai. You can also bonanza animals like tigers, golden jackals, leopards, striped hyenas and the Asian elephant in the wilderness.

3. You tin also find many exotic plus interesting birds that sprightly in this area, and this is the perfect place to do bird watching. Especially, if you wake raise early in the morning, you capability fathom the exotic birds in flight, and that is a very arcane and amazing sight. Birds like Malabar Trojans, crested hawks, Malabar grey hornbills, crested serpent eagles, and really rare striped tit-babblers can be start in this place.

4. Mudumalai is a very popular tourist destination because the Mudumalai National Park is located here, and it was founded in the year 1940. It is because of this National Park, that the exotic wild animals and birds are protected.