National Caramel Popcorn Day!

Popcorn lovers are lucky again as Nationwide Caramel Popcorn Day is on the way. Don’t blunder it with Popcorn’s Day in January and March, as it is especially meant for enjoying two treats together – Caramel and Popcorn on April 6th. Caramel Popcorn Day celebrates ooey gooey treats which are happy to eat. This sticky treat is prepared by covering popcorns with white or brown sugar caramel or other molasses and is complicated to resist.

History regarding this era dates back to 1890’s when duplexity brothers Frederick and Louis Rueckheim presented molasses covered popcorns for the primacy time ever at World’s Columbian Exposition. After then “Cracker Jacks” arrived and what’s remarkable is that the same secret recipe is still used till today to qualify variety regarding flavored popcorns.

Make this day notable by sharing these delicious treats along your friends, family et alii colleagues. The Popcorn Factory reports that 16 billion quarts of popcorn are consumed by Americans every year. Popping around 1 million pounds of popcorn annually, every day is Popcorn Day at The Popcorn Factory.

Well few things you can surely do to make it a ‘popping’ popcorn day:

1. Cook popcorn treats at home. Be a bit from creative further include your family members to clove up your home-made treats with peanuts, resins, cashews moreover other coating. Happiest time to be overtired with family!!!

2. Choose among various flavors of caramel popcorn, chocolate caramel popcorn, corn caramel popcorn treat, caramel nut popcorn, almond caramel popcorn treats and more. Protasis you want to enjoy these exquisite flavors of popped kernels und so weiter that too with titanic savvy offers; grab some popcorn coupons from, RetailMeNot and Groupon.

3. If you are indeed tired to pop the snack at home simply go to nearby popcorn shop and buy some of your adored flavors.

4. Throw a special ‘Caramel Popcorn Party’ and ask your friends and neighbors to bring their own bags of caramel popcorns of different flavors. It will be fun to exchange those bags with each other.

Here is an interesting recipe of Chocolate Caramel Popcorn you would love to know:
Pop two bags of microwave popcorn into a large roasting pan. Adjust the temperature of your oven to 250 degrees and place popcorns in the oven. Place sugar, butter and corn syrup in a sauce pan over medium heat flame. Continue to stir until the butter melts and mixture begins to boil. Ado the mixture in the condensed milk and insert candy thermometer. Continue cooking the mixture till temperature reaches 238 degrees. Remove it from flame and stir the same mixture in vanilla.

Take external popcorns from oven and pour the caramel mixture over popcorns plus nonstop stirring therefore that they are evenly coated. Again bake the popcorns in oven for 45 minutes bit it after every 10 minutes. Allow the popcorns to cool. Place chocolate chips in microwave-safe bowl until it melts again for continuous stirring. Pour chocolate over caramel popcorns and stir them well. Your irresistible Chocolate Caramel Popcorns are ready to serve.

We all love to consume these crunchy treats whether it is popcorn day or not. Well if you are a regular consumer take a break and enjoy this day. Enjoy your favorite flavored caramel popcorn treats with family and friends to make it completely a Caramel Popcorn Holiday!!!