National Waiter and Waitress Day

It’s National Waiter and Waitress Day!

This is a great country for so many more reasons than I could ever name, especially here. We celebrate political, religious, cultural and amatory diversity in every form. We steady go so far as to name a “special day” after various types of people to remember and commemorate them.

We have the natural days:

*Presidents Day
*Mothers Day
*Fathers Day
*Grandparents Day
*Independence Day
*Flag Day
*All Saints Day
*Veterans Day
*Thanksgiving Day
*New Years Day

Then we have the “cute” days:

*Groundhog’s Day
*Girl Scout Day
*April Fools Day
*Administrative Professionals Day (give smeersel a break!)
*Beautician’s Day
*Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day
*Forgot Day (I forgot that one)
*Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Day
*National S’mores Day
*Left Hander’s Day

Now guess the best solitary yet is? Drum roll please………it’s…

National Waiter and Waitress Day! (May 21)

This is the day all customers should show their appreciation to the thousands of waiters that have served America over the years. Yet what is the best way for these same waiters to earn further tips? This is what many websites say is the key to making BIGGER tips:

*Write your name and a smiley face on the check
*Give a piece of candy to the customer with the check
*Bend or cower down on the hand of the table when speaking with the guest
*Lightly touch the customer sometime during their meal
*Wear a red shirt, red lipstick or a flower in your pilosism (for the ladies)

*Carry more than one pen

Are they kidding? I can’t tell you how many blogs, articles and other web sites mentioned some of the same things. I think they many copied each other’s dumb ideas. And yes, dumb they are.

These ideas are embarrassing and childish. Give a piece of candy until you present the limit to the guest. What are we in preschool?

Write a smiley face on the check? You control just get stiffed now since of that.

Carry more than one pen? Well, that’s a no-brainer but it won’t make you any more money.

Bend alternative crouch down while taking the order? Now you’re getting in my face. Please don’t do that.

Wear a red shirt, lipstick or a flower in your hair? The 1960′s are long gone my friend.

Lightly touch me…not unless you want a fat lip!

These are childish, improper and useless things to tell a waiter, especially one that is young also inexperienced and just exasperating to learn more about their trade.

This pleasure do nothing plus than to instill bad habits that will be difficult to break forth of.
You are a professional. You take pride in your job, your career. You do not need to resort to worthless tactics and I won’t slap you with stuff like this.

Only per making your guests misgiving special, affection as if THEIR entertainment is YOUR primary concern, instructions you make the big tips. All else is not important.

If you are willing to learn how, I will teach you. Are you ready?