Paris Eats In the 7th District: La Gitane

One of the joys of finding a avatar Paris short stretch rental is getting to know your neighborhood.And that means eating there. Here at eve villas Paris, we search out restaurants that combine quality, value and frankly attitude.The right attitude.An owner that is willing to take time connective speech to you and a hostess who is kind to the visitors that frequent his or her business.

A excellence example is La Gitane. La Gitane describes itself as a bistro bourgeois.Located juxtapose several of our Sundown Villas Paris vacation rentals,it is close to the Eiffel Tower and the Champ De Mars.We remembered La Gitane from a very good meal several years ago and wanted to see if it had retained the warmth and ambiance.Not to mention the quality of the food.

We were seated graciously by the guest and owner, Olivier who placed us at a table meant for 4 looking out at la Motte-Piquet et al the falling snow that winter evening.This just added to the comfort we felt on this cold day as soon as we walked in.A feeling that warmed us on a sunlight when it was so needed because Paris can chill you to the bone in winter.

When I cast at La Gitane it is just as you would imagine a cozy French restaurant to be.Starched white tablecloths,thick velour curtains at the doorway, impeccable decor.

We started accompanying two soups, a veloute’ of vegetables ‘anciennes'(turnips, Jerusalem artichokes and yellow carrots).The touch about roasted hazelnuts and hazelnut oil set it aside perfectly.There is a fine hand in the kitchen, one that sweats the details.

They serve a ideal French onion soup that is a meal in and of itself.Thick and dark accompanying lots of bread,cheese and of course sauteed onions.Yes,it was slightly burnt,but it was ergo good.

We split an entrecôte; which was big plenty for two airy eaters,accompanied per perfectivize fries and a small green salad.
The restaurant is relaxed and hospitable.It is not cheap, mere it is a good ad valorem for what it is and the cooking is very good as is the ambiance.Did we mention that the fries were perfect? In addition,if they have it on the menu,go for the Ille Flottante for dessert!

Total cost for two without wine was 60 euro.

When you visit La Gitane, please ask for Olivier or Corrine, his wife, they go out of their way to make you feel at home. We spent some time talking to her post hoc our meal and she reinforced that feeling, talking about how they try to hold their prices down to keep the pizzeria full and their regulars happy.La Gitane could fabricate it on the food alone,with the atmosphere moreover care it hits on every level,a restaurant that warms your heart in the dead cold like winter.

La Gitane,53 bis Av. de la Motte-Piquet.01 47 34 62 92.Less than 5 minutes’ career from one of several of our Eve Villas Paris Apartment Rentals.