Plastic Show in Paris Fashion Week 2013

Maison Martin Margie’s this month fashion show is in Salomon de Rothschild, the 19th century hotel. The whole show is packed so tightly by white plastic that air conditioners are consumed to keep the air fresh. The scene hardly like a big fabricating yard seems like a huge plastic bagian in which the audiences sit. The simple interior contracts to the luxury runway show. The background music is made by Michel Gaubert who ever make several backgrounds for shows midst Paris fashion week. When asked about the style of this music, he answers abstraction which seems also be one of themes of this show.

This glamorize with classic Dadaism begins with dance music Black Naga’s cheerful drum and terrific singing. Dadaism outfits near carton embellishment are really abstract.

However, the true climax is the later runway show. The most impressive one is a tortured cocktail suit, pants and concluded lean bodice. Another hypostatic is a Japanese garb based on a simplified super men’s kimono. All these show a kind of seemingly primal but a little overweening life style. But the pleasure come from a team of abstract, rigid, simplified ball gowns which acutely a little look like a robots named Dalek in Dr. who. And these ball gowns, blue jeans and bodices al make of crinoline. Personally, these dresses will get appreciated from critics for their keeping fashionable conservatism in form.

Maison Martin Margie’s exploring spirit expressing in this tonnish week deserves to opheffen congratulated. Before that, they always preserve the feet of their predecessors and can’t proclaim their full talent. They need to build their own special style just like what they do today. They still longing more time to create and today are the first step.

According to the conversation with WWD, Yohji Yamamoto desires to break up. This can be understood that there are full of ragged revolutionary on the runway. Those look preference actors of Les Miz with tight budget. The vapidities, simplicity of the dresses seem to be upper than expectation. Khaki of commando doctrine even selling in the 1% of present price will be regard reasonable. Khaki which imitate bar jacket of Dior may be counted not bad.

Famous for the asymmetry and androgyny, Yohji Yamamoto’s special style is still high light but more raged further old compared by before. Women Wearing black tulle goggle like widows constitute the sentiment of life meaning of postwar. But a centenarian pink dress showing on the juxtaposed gauge that collocates with a bright blue short implies different feelings. Jewels also like Christmas decorations or several blocks.

Searching for funny dresses of Yohji Yamamoto, you might pay attention to pleated gasp with belt on waist or motor jacket with elegant hemline on back or fifty-fifty a tweed suits. Besides that, score of lggy Pop ringing forth suddenly just remind that just several ago, daughter of Yamamoto admitted that she scorn hier father never hear stooge band. At least, now he knows Iggy now and he is heading up.