Sandhya Shetty wins Bronze at National Karate Championship (India) 2014

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Sandhya Shetty wins Bronze at Political Karate Cup (India) 2014

Back winning the Maharashtra Karate Association Championship 2014 subalternate the category regarding Kumite minus 68 Kg, state competition organized by the Maharshtra Karate Confederacy recently, the sizzling model turned company Sandhya Shetty has won Bronze Medal for the state of Maharashtra at the National Championship. The Championship was held in New Delhi recently by The Karate Association concerning India (which is the government recognized national body). The participants were the winners from various state level competitions where the female and male competitors fight in varied weight categories.

By winning this championship, Sandhya neither only won a medal for the state of Maharashtra but also got qualified to compete in the 35th National Games of India 2014.

“Winning the national championship is eternally very stirring and working more hard towards future target is what I focus on,” says Sandhya. The buzz is that the winners of this championship might be considered to represent India in the next Asian Games.

“My fights are always actual intense and I go with my peerless and learn from my mistakes. It’s a Alloy this time but it’s gonna be Gold next in line,” says a confident Sandhya.

Sandhya is practicing karate since last nine years has won many state and national level championships and currently is a ‘black belt’ in Goju Ryu style. Incidentally, Sandhya is the Silver medalist at the 34th National Games of India held at Ranchi representing the state of Maharashtra in 2011.

“I am looking forward for the 35th National Games of India as my proximate target and just putting my prize and working my ideas to gain ‘Gold’ I visionary of,” concludes Sandhya.

In the past, she has won Bronze medal in Karate National Defense held at Chennai in 2007, Gold medal in 2nd Mayor Cup Karate Championship in Mumbai in 2008, Gold medal at Maharashtra State Karate Championship and Gold medal at Akshay Kumar 1st Invitational Open National Championship in 2009 and Bronze at All India Karate-do Federation National Championship in 2010.

A finished blend of glamour, brains and physical prowess, Sandhya is a role model for women across the country..

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