The Jardin de Plantes, Paris – Discover the Wonders of Nature

Paris, the City of Lights, captivates its visitors by day with its museums, landmarks and boutiques. Every attraction transports those who enter into a place like cultural else actual significance. Taking all visitors into a wonderland about exotic plants and flowers is the Jardin de Plantes, France’s critical botanical garden, stretching likewise the bank of the Seine.

Beginning as an herb greenhouse of the physician of Louise Xlll, Jardin de Plantes was opened to the public in 1640. As a part of the Federal Museum of Natural History, its 26 hectares include four galleries of the museum dedicated to evolution, anatomy, palaeontology and geology. It also hosts the School of Botany, which educates the proximal generation of apprentice also professional botanists, and a small zoo. Displaying an extraordinary variety of plant life, the eleven gardens create a continuously changing scene throughout the year.

French gardening principles can be observed down the hedges of the ‘squares concerning perspectives’, which come into full bloom in the spring. Alpine landscapes are recreated in the middle of Paris where over 2000 plants from mountainous regions of the Andes and Alps thrive. Warmer, more humid climates are simulated in greenhouses that are family to orchids also other tropical plants.

Embracing the wilderness is the ecological garden which brings the Iles-de-France in its own micro weather of flora and fauna. A favourite walk from the visitor is the rouge garden, where hundreds of roses come to bloom each spring in a myriad of colours, which is a wondrous sight to behold. Sections dedicated solely to peonies, irises and perennials and prehistoric plants showcase the diversity of plant life on earth and the fruit and vegetable garden of the complex provides organic viviparous for Parisians around the year. Try your skills at navigating the Labyrinth, a maze created by Comte de Buffon and break away from the bustling streets of Paris to revel in the babes of nature.

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