The magic of Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is considered to be the top tourist attraction in France being well as all of Europe with millions of visitors attending the Parisian version of the Abracadabra Kingdom each year. Almost self in look furthermore compassionate of the fontal Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Disneyland Paris has its own Sleeping Beauty Castle and even a Main Street USA. Additionally all of the famous Disney characters you’re bound to recognize such qua Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White ampersand many added are there to entertain you and your family. Disneyland Paris is again the largest tour operator in France et alii has a number like excellent Disney theme hotels close by as well as a smaller version like America’s Downtown Disney shopping centre.

The park is situated some 40 km east of Paris, and about a 45-minute drive per automobile. The Paris RER, part of the communal transport scheme like the city, powerful be a better method of transportation qua the nearest RER station is literally in front of the Disney park and is just a 35 minute ride. Upon arrival there are multi-language directional signs that will lead you to the main entrance and the ticket booths in you haven’t purchase a ticket in advance. Please be prepared to do quite a dot regarding walking if you intend on seeing the entire park.

Once you past through the main gates you will walk through Main Street USA, which resembles an early 20th age Victorian styled American city and features a city hall, fire station and even ungulate drawn carriages. Beyond Main Street is the fabled Sleeping Beauty Castle, which is the tallest structure in the park at over 50 metres high. In addition to Main Street USA, there are four other separate and distinct section of Disneyland Paris all with an assortment of rides, attractions, souvenir shops and places to eat. The other four sections are Frontierland, which features the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad thrill ride and the Phantom Manor, the Parisian version of Disney’s Haunted Mansion, Discoveryland with the even faster Space Mountain: Charge 2, Adventureland beside its ever popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride connective the Indiana Jones, Temple of Peril ride, and Fantasyland, which is better suited for younger children and features the very popular It’s a Minute World ride.

Another addition to Disneyland Paris is yet another theme park known as Walt Disney Studios Park. Opened in 2002, this park resembles a California movie and television studio. Here at the meadow you will be able to enjoy live action stunt shows, rides for both children and adults alike, and like Disneyland Paris, plenty of souvenir shops and restaurants. Some of the top attractions at the Walt Disney Studios Park are the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith (the American rock band), and Crush’s Coaster. Another fun attraction is the Walt Disney Study tram tour that passes through many fake Hollywood movie sets and resembles the famous Universal Studios tour tram near Hollywood, California.