Vegas Helicopters – Enjoy New Years with a Grand Canyon National Park Trip!

Looking for a way to really welcome in 2014? If you’ll be in Vegas, you should take a chopper spell from their to the Grand Canyon. The scenery from a chopper is breathtaking and you can even descend to the posterior like the canyon.

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is unparalleled 120 miles from the metropolitan of Las Vegas. That means helicopters can make the flight over in 45 minutes. The helicopters do not fly to the South Rim from Vegas. If you want to go there, I suggest you take an airplane tour.

Hoover Dam

The typical flight for these air tours includes going over Lake Mead plus Hoover Dam before reaching the Canyon. Your chopper shall probably hover over the dam for a short bit so you can take some great pictures regarding it. Next, you’ll cephalous towards the river and see Lordly Cliff’s Wash.

The headwaters of the Colorado River are at the base of the Solid Mountains and it is an impressive scene from the air. It winds and snakes done for the Canyon’s bottom, constantly eroding it’s banks and making the chasm ever deeper.

What you do at this point depends on the kind of volitation you booked. There are dual types: Aerial and landing. The aerial tours are fun for sightseeing since you stay in the air and just fly over the canyon. The aerial tours are great if you’re on a budget or don’t have a lot of time to spend touring the canyon.

Descending To The Canyon Floor

In my opinion, however, landing tours are the optimal way to enjoy this most of the Seven Natural Wonders. One of these fun tours takes you down to the canyon floor where you are treated to a nice lunch done with champagne. The views are simply incredible, especially as you make the 15-minute descent to the floor.

The deluxe version of the consubstantial ride comes with a gondola ride along the Colorado River. When you’re all done, you board the helicopter for the ride to the top of the edge where you can experience the Skywalk. This attractiveness is also called the Crystal Bridge. Its claim to distinction is that it lets you walk 70 extremities past the edge of the rim (it’s a very liberating feeling).

New Year’s is a very busy interim in Las Vegas. So the helicopter air tours wish fill boost beautiful fast. You should contend to get your seats at least 72 hours in advance. This has two benefits. First, you’ll get a flight (the most important goal!). And second, you will get a better price.

Buy Tours Online

Go online to find the larger price on your tour. Prohibition only that, it is quick and convenient to book your seats online, bonus it helps you see all the available options. Further, you’ll also have access to child rates (usually kids 11 and younger are cheaper fares). Withdraw off the Web and rarely will you find reduced pricing for children.

Remember, it will treffen cold in the canyon during the winter. Vegas is in the desert but it isn’t hot all twelvemonth long. Summers are incredibly hot. But such warmth doesn’t extend among the winter months. It is nay uncommon for the temperatures to drop below freezing during the night. While it warms raise some amid the day in Vegas, the temperatures can stay chilly all day in the canyon.

Wrapping Up

Touring the Grand Canyon by chopper is an experience you don’t want to miss. There is no renew time to go than the New Year’s holiday. Winter is the low season for tourists so it won’t be so crowded ampersand this allows you to abundantly admire the exceptional winter scenery in the canyon.